CSEA provides an array of services and special benefits designed to improve and protect the quality of members' lives, both on and off the job. The CSEA Membership Benefits Department provides information and assistance to help members take full value advantage of the many services and benefits that CSEA has to offer. The following is a list of some of the services available.
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  • Career Development, Academic Planning, Education and Training
  • Cellular Phone Discounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Discount Buying
  • Insurances to Protect Your Family, Home, and Car
  • Legal Services
  • Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Publications
  • Retirement
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Partnership for Education and Training
  • Pearl-Carroll Group Insurances
  • Defensive Driving Program
  • Downloadable Insurance Forms & Rate Charts
  • Educational Resources Discounts
  • Financial Services


Education Benefits

  Partnership for Education and Training Career Resources:

  • Partnership for Education and Training
  • Partnership for Education and Training Advisement Services
  • Civil Service Test Preparation Services
  • The Work Institute
  CSEA Scholarships:
  • Irving Flaumenbaum Memorial Scholarship
  • Met Life Scholarship Award
  AFSCME Scholarships:
  • AFSCME Family Scholarship Program
  • The Union Plus Credit Card Scholarship Program
  • Joey Parisi Memorial Scholarship
  • Jerry Clark Memorial Scholarship Program

Members Only Insurance Information

Here is a list of insurance applications and rate charts available for download in the Members Only area.
Before completing an application be sure to review the plan information for eligibility, options, and a complete description of the coverage.

  • Security Life Program Application
  • Security Life Premier Term Life Insurance Rate Chart
  • Critical Illness Application
  • Critical Illness Program Bi-Weekly Rate Chart
  • Disability Income Program Application
  • Disability Income Program Bi-Weekly Rate Chart (Clerical & Non Clerical)
  • Universal Life Premium (Sample of limits at a $20 bi-weekly premium)
  • Whole Life Premium (Sample of limits at the $10 bi-weekly premium)
  • Hospital Income Insurance Plan Enrollment Form
  • Hospital Income Insurance Plan Rate Chart